How to Take Advantage of Open Mat


  1. Show up.
  2. Drill. If you do not know what you should drill, ask your instructor what you should work on. Basic and fundamental techniques are never a bad idea. Elbow knee escape from mount, scissor sweep, or armbar from closed guard are some ideas.
  3. Roll/Spar. Utilize this time to roll/spar with your teammates. Do not be afraid to ask, “Hey, you want to roll?” Are you wanting to work something more specific? Tell your partner you want to work on guard passing and ask if they mind to work their guard.
  4. Ask Questions. Did you get caught in something? Are you missing a part of a technique? Ask questions after your roll.
  5. Recover. Use open mat to come in and stretch or use the foam roller to help relax sore or tight muscles.

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