Thank you everyone for coming and supporting such a great cause this past weekend. The #Roll4Relay was a great success. It was a 24 hour Roll-A-Thon, where at least 2 people had to be on the mat drilling or rolling, because cancer never sleeps. We had jiu jitsu buddies come from the Jackson area, Vicksburg, Clinton, Columbus AFB, as well as Alabama and Tennessee! WOW!

Big shout out to The Biscuit Shop for sustaining us through the wee hours of the morning with their scratch made biscuits and Fleur De Lis Flowers and Gifts for pulling the event together with purple balloons! And Hungry Howie’s of Starkville for supplying us with their awesome pizza for Friday night! #supportlocalbusiness

Also, thank you to everyone who supplied us with sustenance and water! It was greatly appreciated!


Thank you to Professor Randall Powell for coming down and showing us some Judo throws and answering our many questions!

We had a pretty solid group starting at midnight too! Thank you to Vector Jiu Jitsu for coming in and covering the graveyard shift. Kimura even decided to join in on the picture!

By 6AM, we were all pretty delirious. But we continued to have people roll and train on the mats. More people started rolling in around 10AM, but by 2PM we had a solid group rolling for the cause!

It was an exhausting day, but by the end of the Roll-A-Thon, these champs were the last standing…barely.

Here are some pics from the event.




Congratulations to Abraham Mahdi who was awarded his 4 stripe white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Friday at midnight. He plans to compete at the IBJJF World Championships in June. We look forward to seeing him dominate at The Pyramid!

Once again, thank you to everyone who came out and supported this event! We managed to raise over $400, not including donations made online and haven’t been turned in yet. We will update as soon as it comes in. The official Relay for Life of Oktibbeha County event will be August 5th, 2016! So we will continue to fundraise until that time. We will be hosting a self-defense seminar for the public in the late spring/early summer, so be on the lookout for that! In the meantime, if you’d like to donate to our cause, you can here:
Relay for Life of Oktibbeha County: Team No Limit Jiu Jitsu

Thank you!



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