Seminar with Alec Baulding


Monday, March 14th, we had two very special guests on that mats with us.  Blackbelts Alec Baulding and Jeffrey Cummings, of Alliance Atlanta, stopped by to share some of their tips and techniques from passing the guard via leg drag.  They also stayed and answered some questions about positions, techniques, competing, and the jiu jitsu journey itself.  It was a please to have them!  Alec and Jeffrey were road tripping their way to Irvine, California for the IBJJF Pan American BJJ Championships. We wish them the best of luck!


Here are some videos from the seminar.

Warm Up

1st Step to Breaking DLR

1st Leg Drag

Leg Drag Option 2

Leg Drag Option 3

Leg Drag Counter to Option 1 and Back Take

Leg Drag to Counter Back Take




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