February 27, 2016 in Kakuto Submission Challenge held their 7th tournament in Kennesaw, GA.  Coach Jessica Dobbs and competitor, Sophia Seltzer-Hill, both competed with great results.


Jessica Dobbs competed in a 6 women professional invitational submission only format with (from left to right) Karen Antunes, Laurie Porsch, Tori Applegate, Taylor Biagi, Tubby Santana, and Anna Salome.

It was a 3 round, round robin format.

First Round: Tubby Santana vs Jessica Dobbs (loss)
Second Round: Anna Salome vs. Jessica Dobbs (win)
Third Round: Taylor Biagi vs. Jessica Dobbs (draw)

Because the third round match ended in a draw, they went to the 2nd round results. Taylor had a submission only 6 seconds quicker than Jessica’s.  Taylor went on to fight Tubby Santana in the finals, where Tubby won the invitational and absolute division, too.




With some tough matches, Sophia won her nogi match! She had an active battle of almost 14 minutes long with controlling positions and attacking, finally winning by keylock in overtime.


Check out this sweet highlight video of some of her matches: Sophia at Kakuto 7


You can find more pictures of the tournament at their Facebook page!


Congratulations again to Jessica and Sophia!



Kakuto 7

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