Tournaments & Competition

There are quite a few tournaments coming up in 2016, and this is a great opportunity to set a goal for yourself.  You will often hear Coach Jae & Jess talk about tournaments and competitions coming up; they make these opportunities known, because they have found positive experiences in competing & hope you all find the same. With that said, competition isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. Competition requires a commitment, time, and effort. But if you are interested in competing…

This is a great piece written by the BJJ Mental Coach. Check it out:

Some of the positive experiences competing is meeting new people and making new friends. The BJJ community is pretty cool, and sometimes the competitors you face ending up becoming your friends. You get to experience new places! Competing in Jiu Jitsu has given Coach Jess the opportunity to compete in places like California & New York.
It’s a team building experience too! Working hard alongside your teammates, encouraging each other, and supporting them through the end helps build each others’ skills and confidence. We believe in each other, and no one will ever be disappointed if you lose.

2016 Tournaments
January 16-Ross Martial Arts Grappling Challenge, Demopolis, AL
February 6-IBJJF Atlanta Open, Atlanta, GA
March 26-AGF New Orleans, LA
April 30-AGF Jackson, MS


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