No Limit Tae Kwon Do

No Limit is proud to now offer Kids’ Tae Kwon Do class every Tuesday and Thursday at 5PM instructed by 3rd Degree Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt, Jessica Dobbs.

Coach Jess originally started taking Tae Kwon Do in Jackson, MS, as a kid, like most, but she stuck with it throughout her middle school years. Due to moving to Ackerman, MS, beginning of her 9th grade year, she had to quit, but was reconnected her senior year.  She tested for black belt the summer following her graduation in 2007 under Master Frank Sanders. She continued to train during her time while attending Holmes Community College and at Mississippi State University years later. It was at MSU, where she found the MSU Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club and began expanding her martial arts journey.

Coach Jess put her Tae Kwon Do training on hiatus while pursuing a high level competition career in BJJ.  She always believed she would come back to Tae Kwon Do when the time was right. After much deliberation, Coach Jess is back, and now under the tutelage of Seth Fuller, 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, affiliated with the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance and Impact America Martial Arts.

Fun Fact: Seth Fuller’s instructor, Scott Wilkinson, was also Jessica’s instructor for a period of time when she lived in Jackson.

Coach Jess is excited to be able to offer this class to kids ages 5 and up. She is looking forward to the growth of martial arts in the local community and the many opportunities that will be available to the kids.




Jarrett Becks Seminar

We had a great time hosting our professor, Jarrett Becks, this past weekend in Starkville. He went over some great techniques in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu portion as well as in the Muay Thai portion. Jarrett Becks has been training in martial arts for a very long time & is a well versed striker. Those who don’t know him well may forget this aspect. But his mentality of overwhelming your opponent with pressure, ground or standing, is something you do not forget. 

Professor Becks also had a few promotions due that Saturday. 


Stephen Hensley received his purple belt.  
  Brandon Davis received his purple belt. 

Jack Yu from the CAFB received his blue belt from Professor Becks & Jerome Capalad.

 Professor Becks promoted Jerome Capalad to blackbelt!