New Schedule for No Limit: Brandon, MS

As many of you know, the HQ will be shutting down at the end of September.

“We are sorry to announce that the decision has been made not to renew the lease at the HQ (Madison) location when it expires at the end of September. Although there is an active search for a new Madison area location, we do not have a fall back at this time. Brandon and Clinton locations will not be affected and we encourage all of our HQ members to consider visiting one of these academies. We want everyone to know this was not a decision we reached lightly and we truly appreciate the support and dedication of our members and their families. If you have questions about your account, please reach out to Randall Powell or Mike Laborde. If you have any other suggestions, concerns or comments, please PM Jarrett Becks, Randall Powell, Mike Laborde or Bobby Guillory. Thank you.” –No Limit Killer Bees HQ Facebook Page

Here is the new schedule for the Brandon location where Professor Becks will be instructing.

Kids BJJ 5:45-6:45PM
Adults Gi 6:45-7:45PM
Adults No Gi 6PM
Kickboxing 7PM
Kids Gi 5:45-6:45PM
Muay Thai 6:45-7:45PM
Adults No Gi 6PM
Kickboxing 7PM
Kids Gi 5:45-6:45PM
Adult Gi 6:45 -7:45PM
Gi 10AM

No Limit/Killer Bees BJJ, Brandon, MS
145 Albertsons Dr., Suite A
Flowood, MS


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