4th Ladies Only Open Mat

4th LOOM

Two years ago in February, Jessica Dobbs, Assistant Instructor & Head Ladies’ Instructor at No Limit Jiu Jitsu in Starkville, planned the first Ladies’ Only Open Mat in Starkville, MS.  In an effort to bring women who train together, it was a great success considering how few women were training around the state only 2 years ago. Since then, it has become at least a once a year event growing each time.

This year on September 26th, 2015, she will be hosting the 4th Ladies Only Open Mat at New Summit School in Jackson, MS. This venue will provide tons of mat space, changing rooms, and A/C :). Again this year, we plan to have Hazel Capalad, from No Limit Killer Bees-Columbus Air Force Base, to lead us in Hot Hula Fitness to warm up. It was a great success last year learning the art of Polynesian dancing while getting a good sweat going before some jiu jitsu.

One of the major efforts of the Ladies Only Open Mats is to give the opportunity to show women who have never heard of jiu jitsu, or may be interested in jiu jitsu but are timid to get on the mats with guys, that women do train. The open mat is not just open rolling, but a few simple self defense and sport jiu jitsu techniques are shown to peak interest and also give those who train something to take back as well.

Another effort of the Ladies Only Open Mats is to give the opportunity for women who train, the opportunity to train with other women. Some ladies do not have other female training partners, and as much as we love our male teammates, sometimes it’s refreshing to have a little “girl time.”

So, tell your friends and anyone to show up to New Summit School, Saturday, September 26, 2015, at 2PM for the 4th Ladies Only Open Mat! It’s going to be awesome!

69677_10200754511884091_482946518_nThe craziness that went down at the first Ladies Only Open Mat in Starkville, MS!

858913_10151502059793373_770935119_oLaurie Smith and Beth Thrasher rolling at the first Ladies Only Open Mat.

Some of the Vector Jiu Jitsu girls waiting for the 2nd Ladies Only Open Mat to start. 

Learning the basics! Simple technical stand up. 2nd Ladies Only Open Mat.

We love jiu jitsu! 🙂 ❤ 3rd Ladies Only Open Mat

Hazel leading the warm ups! Hot Hula Fitness style. 3rd Ladies Only Open Mat.

Professor Jarrett Becks talking to the ladies about the importance of self-defense at the 3rd Ladies Only Open Mat. He and Professor Randall Powell have been present at every open mat to show their support for women’s jiu jitsu, because real men empower women.


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