2015 IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open

This past weekend No Limit Killer Bees took five competitors to Atlanta for the IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open Gi & NoGi at the Georgia International Convention Center.

It was a great two days competing! Starkville brought home 2 golds and 2 bronzes. Congrats to all who competed!

Competing is an emotional rollercoaster with so many ups and downs. I have always said that no one said it will be easy, but it will be worth it. I grow every time I compete and every time my students compete. To me, testing yourself on the mats makes you check who you really are. Are you a quitter? Are you an excuses person? A blame person? A perseverance person? Or are you a whatever it takes person? I honestly believe we are all of the above at some point in our lives and it is the journeys and the ups and downs that help us overcome or master all of the above. I am always proud of all my students that compete, win or lose. Winning is awesome, but do not forget the journey!” -Ray Casias, Tennessee Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy


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