Remembering Ella

Last weekend was the Ella Armstrong Commemorative Seminar & Open Mat. There was great line up Saturday including our very own Jarrett Becks and Jessica Dobbs.  Each had an allotted time slot to share their techniques with different jiu jitsu practitioners. Many schools from No Limit to Gracie South to Gracie United all showed up in support for this event.  Here are some pictures from the event and from the AGF Jackson tournament a few weekends ago, too.11057337_10204495753895577_4969932693852348917_n

Gone but never forgotten.

“It’s being fearful, but willing to push through.

It’s being nervous, but willing to take a chance.

It’s being kind, but not weak.

It speaks boldly without using words.

It’s trusting when you’re unsure.

It’s believing that you can.

It’s not loud, it’s not arrogant, it’s not outwardly visible.

It’s a quiet strength that dwells within.

It’s courage, it’s bravery, it’s grit, It’s Ella.”
-Jason Armstrong


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