Interview: Brandon “KillerB” Davis

B DavisBrandon “KillerB” Davis just recently won his fight against Adam Denton, the 145lb Amateur World Champion, via TKO/KO in the first round this past Saturday in Tupelo under Summit Fighting Championships promotion.  Although many took KillerB as the underdog, he definitely put on a show and made a statement with his win. You can go to his facebook fan page to view the fight!
We took a moment to get some insight from Brandon and here is what he had to say.
Brandon “KillerB” Davis
Age: 25
Occupation: Pulmonary Tech
Length of Training: 6 YearsTell us a little about how and why you started training martial arts?
I started jiu jitsu and mma after I got done playing football. I didn’t want to go home and workout and that be all I did everyday. I like to compete too much. That’s when I came to state and came across the club team at state during my visitation. That’s when I decided I would like to start training.
How have you stayed motivated throughout these years?
I’ve stayed motivated by trying to be the best at what I do, and to keep up with my fellow teammates.
How has martial arts &/or No Limit influenced your life?
Martial arts and No Limit has influenced me to push myself to become the best and give my all with everything I do in life.
You train both BJJ and Muay Thai, which do you prefer, or do you have a preference?
I don’t have a preference between jiu jitsu and Muay Thai, they are both different in there own ways. Jits you can train hard everyday and still be completely healthy. While at the same time training slow and using 100% technique helps you just as much if not more. I would say Muay Thai can be more of an adrenaline rush. In this art you cannot go 100% everyday without breaking down your body. They are similar in that with both you have to constantly drill and train the techniques or you will not be able to perform them at the precise time and moment when you need to in a fight. This is what makes these arts great.
What made you want to fight in MMA?
The will and want to compete and test myself is what led me to fighting mma.
How has the transition from amateur level to professional been for you? And how are you dealing with that?
The transition from amateur to pro has not been much of a difference. I was already fighting the highest level ammys and training at a pro level as if I were a pro, when I was an ammy.  So, moving up to pro, it was as though I had already to been fighting pro fighters throughout the latter end of my ammy career.
What are your future plans in BJJ or MMA, or both?
I haven’t competed in a BJJ tournament in over a year, although the last few that I have I have place 1st or second in all of my devisions. I plan on competing for the first time in a while in the agf tournament in Jackson, ms august 1st. In mma, I recently just earned a first round knockout of the 2014 145lb amateur world champ bringing my professional record to 3-2. Not quite where I would want it to be, but I am currently working on changing that. I would one day like to be the 145 world champion in the UFC.
What would you tell someone wanting to fight, amateur or professional?
My advice to anyone wanting to start BJJ or mma is that this is not something you can half heartedly try to do if you want to be successful. You must dedicate yourself to your training and willing to put forth the effort to get better. Furthermore, you must leave your pride at home when you come to the gym. You will get beat, but that is when you learn the most get better.
Anything else you’d like to say. Shout outs to your coaches/sponsors.
 I would like to give a shout out to my sponsors Vintage Tattoos, Attala County Martial Arts, Eric Bell designs, and Mitchell Automotive. Lastly I would really like to thank all of my No Limit family and friends that have helped me get to where I am now. Huge thanks to my coaches Jae McIntosh, Jarrett Becks, and Israel Gomes. They have pushed me to my limits and beyond to get me ready for what was ahead of me. I love my time and experiences I have had with all of my No Limit Family and friends and wouldn’t change it for anything.You can keep up with Brandon “KillerB” Davis by following his Facebook fan page, or by visiting his website:
Twitter: @BrandonDavis18
Instagram: @brandondavismma

Relay for Life Oktibbeha County; No Limit Self-Defense Seminar & Open Mat: SUCCESS!!

Saturday, July 18th, we held a Self-Defense Seminar & Open Mat fundraiser for Relay for Life of Oktibbeha County.  We must say it was a great success.  Thank you to all who came out to support such a great cause.

Owner and Head Instructor of No Limit-Starkville, Jae McIntosh, showed some great self-defense techniques and spoke a little about what self-defense is and isn’t.



Special shout out to Fleur de Lis Flowers & Gifts on main street who donated purple balloons for our event! They definitely helped direct people in the right direction, as well as add a little celebration of HOPE!!


After the self-defense seminar, we held an open mat fundraiser for jiu jitsu practictioners to come in and get their roll on! We had visitors from Cobra Tuscaloosa, No Limit CAFB, No Limit Vicksburg, and No Limit Clinton! Thank you all who traveled out for this event.


After the event, we raised a total of $418. In addition to our online donations, we met our goal and have raised a total of $1,023.  What a great feat, coming together as a team our first year of participating in Relay for Life! Let’s continue to raise, as the official Relay for Life event for Oktibbeha County is AUGUST 7TH at the Starkville Sportsplex.  No Limit will have a team and our tent will be painting faces. So bring your children for this family fun event.



If you would like to help the cause, Make Donations Here

Be sure to follow our sponsor’s blog:Stephanie Arnett with RE/MAX Partners

Strikehard Productions 39

No Limit went 1-1 Saturday night. Win or learn, that’s what it’s all about.

Congratulations to our fighters, Sawyer Shows and Nick Burrichter for representing No Limit Jiu Jitsu so well!! We are proud of you!! 

AGF Atlanta & Strikehard Columbus

June 27 we took a crew to AGF in Atlanta and even though circumstances regarding the venue were not favorable for the tournament organization, we still had a great time and managed to have some great challenging matches.  We also had the opportunity to watch the blackbelt superfights which were incredible!


Watch Bruno Malfacine battle it out with Rafael Freitas in NoGi!

& Hector Lombard vs. Guybson Sa!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend as well!

Looking forward to next weekend, July 11, we will be heading to Columbus, MS, to watch Nick Burrichter and Sawyer Shows represent No Limit in their amateur MMA debuts!


Make sure you get your tickets this week! Friday morning will probably be the latest you can get them. You can contact Jae McIntosh for more information 662.719.7190!