Busy Bees, Congratulations!

11393203_384967398370871_5620875041029284231_nWe had a great time in Clinton the weekend before last with impressive numbers for open mat and then fellowship & BBQ afterwards.

Later that evening, we got to watch some first round finishes at the SFC fights as well as celebrating our very own Brandon Davis winning first round guillotine. 

Sunday was fun day with competition training at the HQ. We also got to witness Logan Butts receive his blue belt! Congratulations!!

Stephen Hensley received his fourth stripe on his blue belt the following Monday. 


  Hard work never goes unnoticed. Lana Adams received her first stripe on her white belt too!

  James Hanks was also promoted to blue belt this past Friday at open mat.

Congratulations to all who were promoted! Keep up the hard work everyone, we are so proud of you all.

Up next on the schedule is:

•AGF Atlanta this weekend, June 27. 

•Strikehard MMA Columbus July 11.

•Relay for Life Fundraiser Seminar & Open Mat July 18.

•SFC MMA Fights Tupelo July 25.   
•AGF Jackson Aug 1.


•IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open Gi/NoGi Aug 29/30 

We have a lot coming up so make sure you stay up to date by following our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! @nlkbstarkville


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