How Private Lessons Can Help You

Private lessons are time slots you spend with your instructor where he or she is able to work with you one on one.

Private lessons can help you grow as a student because the instructor is able to spend quality time with you and can break down your game or show you some tricks of their own.

When you’re in a class setting, you are going over strictly what the instructor has planned. You might be having problems with side control, and they are going over mount. Not to say what they are showing isn’t important, but the issue you have been having with side control may not get addressed today. By setting up a private lesson with your instructor, they will be able to address your side control issue and really be able to break it down with you step by step.

Sometimes when you are at a seminar, the professor gives out private lessons before or after if there’s time. Usually, it’s best to have them show you their bread and butter moves, because if they are a visiting professor, they are not as familiar with your game. For example, when Adam Hunnicut and Tammy Griego came to visit, they showed variations on passing the guard. Even if what they showed does not fit into your specific way of passing the guard, it gives you options and from a defensive aspect, you have seen another way an opponent can pass.

Private lessons can be supplemental to your training. It doesn’t have to be just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it can be for striking too. Getting one on one time with your instructor can help you because they can focus on your technique and any issues you may be having. Specific questions can get answered and in depth knowledge can be dropped. Specific techniques can also be shown to help you grow.

So take advantage of extra mat time like open mats and private lessons.


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