Eventful Week! & More To Come!

We have had an eventful week here at NLKB Starkville.

Earlier last week we had Tammy Griego visit our academy for a wonderful 2 hour seminar followed by rolling. She showed two guard passes, a flow drill that attacked each limb on the body, and then went into depth about concepts and teaching skills. She made it a point that we must rely on each other to get better. Also, thank you to NLKB CAFB and Vector Jiu Jitsu for coming out and supporting this last minute seminar!


Also, we had a couple of promotions! Congratulations to Peyton Poole and Brandon Davis. Peyton is now assisting the Kids’ Class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Brandon is getting ready for his next fight which will be in Jackson, MS this summer.


This past weekend, Jae McIntosh, Jessica Dobbs, and Gus Strobel (from NLKB Brandon/HQ), traveled to Dallas, TX to compete at the AGF Blue/Purple Belt Invitational. This was a no time limit, submission only tournament. Jae McIntosh earned 2nd place, submitting all of his first two matches under 60 seconds, his 3rd in under 2 and a half minutes, and lost in the finals after a 10 minute war.

11032155_921489407921212_7166271213327352334_nPhoto By: American Grappling Federation

Also, this weekend, the NLKB HQ hosted Israel Gomes for a seminar. Many were stripe promoted, so congratulations, family!

We have a lot of exciting events coming up. We will be hosting our 3 year anniversary party this Saturday. Please make sure you let Jessica know if you are attending. Details will be posted soon.


Also, Jae, Jessica, and Logan will be flying to California next week for the IBJJF World Championships 2015. So be sure to come to class and fire them up!! While the coaches are gone, our blue belts will be teaching the curriculum left by Jae and brown belt, Jerome Capalad, NLKB CAFB, will cover evening BJJ classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

June 6th American Grappling Federation is coming to Memphis, TN. Pre-Registration ends soon! So if you are wanting to compete, register ASAP & let one of the coaches know. This will be great preparation for AGF in Jackson, MS August 1st.

Be sure to share the blog, so everyone can keep up with our news and events!!


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