BJJ Etiquette

BJJ Etiquette. You wouldn’t think there’d be such a thing when you are trying to maim your opponent, but in the academy we must be respectful to our instructors and training partners. They are who make you better, so we must show the proper respect even through our littlest of actions.

Wash your gi! Nobody wants to roll with someone who has a stinky gi. If you only have one gi, it might be smart to invest in another. Or get some Febreeze, that can definitely help inbetween washes if your gi isn’t that bad.

Trim your talons! In BJJ you are constantly grip fighting, if your fingernails are too long, they can scratch your opponent, or cause them to break which can be painful. Same with toenails. Nobody likes to get clawed.

Encourage one another! After every roll, shake hands, bump fists, or say thank you. Don’t celebrate if you get the tap. Gym taps don’t count, and you could be discouraging your teammate even if you didn’t mean to. We are here to build each other up.

Listen! When the instructor is talking, it is best to listen. Don’t talk or interrupt. If you have a question, wait until after he or she has explained the technique. By talking while the instructor is talking, you could be distracting other students as well.

Respect the time! During drill time or roll time, respect the break time. If you have a one minute break, that is plenty of time to grab a sip of water and return to the mats, don’t make your partner wait on you because you were on your phone. (We understand if you have emergencies or something of that nature) When you’re drilling, make use of all the time. Make sure you are getting as many reps in as you can, as well as, making sure you are getting all the steps of the technique.

These are just a few rules of BJJ etiquette.


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