Why You Should Take Advantage of Open Mat

Open mat can be compared to study hall. It is a time set aside in the schedule where you can come into the academy and free roll, drill, lift, or just hang out with your teammates. It’s important you take advantage of this time, because where your questions may not get answered in class, this is the time to ask and troubleshoot.

Rolling, or sparring, is an important part of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai. This helps you work on your technique in live situations when your opponent is giving you full resistance. In Muay Thai, sparring is important to work on all the various movements of footwork, head movement, defensive and offensive techniques. Putting techniques into full motion will help you better your skills.

If you are looking to add to your BJJ or Muay Thai, strength and conditioning training can help. Ask Jae McIntosh for a personal training regime, or just some tips. You can come into open mat and use our equipment for your benefit. Or if you are looking for mobility work, grab some of our tennis balls or foam rollers. Mobility work helps with recovery and is also an overlooked aspect of training.

Open mat is just like a study hall. Where in class, it is very structured as the instructor goes through warm ups, technique, drilling, and rolling/sparring; open mat is less structured and gives you the freedom to work on whatever YOU need to work on. Ask questions. Roll. Spar. This is time scheduled out specifically for you without having to schedule a private lesson. See our schedule page for Open Mat times.

Next week, we’ll talk about the advantages of private lessons.


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