Schedule for Worlds Week

SCHEDULE FOR MAY 26-JUNE 1(No Day Time Classes)
5/26 Tuesday

6PM-BJJ covered by Jerome Capalad

7:30PM-Fighters’ Only
5/27 Wednesday

5PM-Kids’ BJJ covered by Hensley, Stricklin, & Peyton

6PM-Ladies Only BJJ covered by Hensley

7PM-BJJ covered by Hensley

8PM-Kickboxing covered by Brandon Davis
5/28 Thursday

6PM-BJJ covered by Jerome Capalad

7:30PM-Fighters’ Only
5/29 Friday

5PM-Kids’ BJJ covered by Hensley, Stricklin, & Peyton

6PM-Open Mat





IBJJF Worlds 2015

10407796_1124264694255528_3729137065719053357_nThree of our very own will be competing at the IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships this week. Logan Butts, Jessica Dobbs, and Jae McIntosh. Logan will fight on Thursday, and Jessica and Jae will fight Friday. You can pay to watch the fights by visiting

There will be NO DAYTIME classes Monday, May 25-Monday, June 1; however evening classes will still be in effect. Stay posted by following our FB page.






Happy 3 Years to NLKB Starkville!


Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, and we missed everyone who could not make it. No Limit Killer Bees-Starkville, MS would not be possible if it weren’t for the students who are the life blood of our academy. We are proud of each and everyone of our students from the kids to the adults, hobbyists to fighters, newest members to the oldest. Here’s to 3 more years and counting…

Congratulations to all those who received an award!!

Parent of the Year-Stephenie Ybarra
BJJ Kid of the Year-Elijah Ybarra
Lady of the Year-Leah Ryan
Most Improved Student-Sorsha Morris
Fighter of the Year-Nick Burrichter
Kickboxer of the Year-Tyler Martin
Competitor of the Year-Johnny Gilliland
Special thank you to Lisa Leach Photography, U.S. Lawns of Starkville, & Stephanie Arnett @ RE/MAX Partners

How Private Lessons Can Help You

Private lessons are time slots you spend with your instructor where he or she is able to work with you one on one.

Private lessons can help you grow as a student because the instructor is able to spend quality time with you and can break down your game or show you some tricks of their own.

When you’re in a class setting, you are going over strictly what the instructor has planned. You might be having problems with side control, and they are going over mount. Not to say what they are showing isn’t important, but the issue you have been having with side control may not get addressed today. By setting up a private lesson with your instructor, they will be able to address your side control issue and really be able to break it down with you step by step.

Sometimes when you are at a seminar, the professor gives out private lessons before or after if there’s time. Usually, it’s best to have them show you their bread and butter moves, because if they are a visiting professor, they are not as familiar with your game. For example, when Adam Hunnicut and Tammy Griego came to visit, they showed variations on passing the guard. Even if what they showed does not fit into your specific way of passing the guard, it gives you options and from a defensive aspect, you have seen another way an opponent can pass.

Private lessons can be supplemental to your training. It doesn’t have to be just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it can be for striking too. Getting one on one time with your instructor can help you because they can focus on your technique and any issues you may be having. Specific questions can get answered and in depth knowledge can be dropped. Specific techniques can also be shown to help you grow.

So take advantage of extra mat time like open mats and private lessons.

Eventful Week! & More To Come!

We have had an eventful week here at NLKB Starkville.

Earlier last week we had Tammy Griego visit our academy for a wonderful 2 hour seminar followed by rolling. She showed two guard passes, a flow drill that attacked each limb on the body, and then went into depth about concepts and teaching skills. She made it a point that we must rely on each other to get better. Also, thank you to NLKB CAFB and Vector Jiu Jitsu for coming out and supporting this last minute seminar!


Also, we had a couple of promotions! Congratulations to Peyton Poole and Brandon Davis. Peyton is now assisting the Kids’ Class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Brandon is getting ready for his next fight which will be in Jackson, MS this summer.


This past weekend, Jae McIntosh, Jessica Dobbs, and Gus Strobel (from NLKB Brandon/HQ), traveled to Dallas, TX to compete at the AGF Blue/Purple Belt Invitational. This was a no time limit, submission only tournament. Jae McIntosh earned 2nd place, submitting all of his first two matches under 60 seconds, his 3rd in under 2 and a half minutes, and lost in the finals after a 10 minute war.

11032155_921489407921212_7166271213327352334_nPhoto By: American Grappling Federation

Also, this weekend, the NLKB HQ hosted Israel Gomes for a seminar. Many were stripe promoted, so congratulations, family!

We have a lot of exciting events coming up. We will be hosting our 3 year anniversary party this Saturday. Please make sure you let Jessica know if you are attending. Details will be posted soon.


Also, Jae, Jessica, and Logan will be flying to California next week for the IBJJF World Championships 2015. So be sure to come to class and fire them up!! While the coaches are gone, our blue belts will be teaching the curriculum left by Jae and brown belt, Jerome Capalad, NLKB CAFB, will cover evening BJJ classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

June 6th American Grappling Federation is coming to Memphis, TN. Pre-Registration ends soon! So if you are wanting to compete, register ASAP & let one of the coaches know. This will be great preparation for AGF in Jackson, MS August 1st.

Be sure to share the blog, so everyone can keep up with our news and events!!

BJJ Etiquette

BJJ Etiquette. You wouldn’t think there’d be such a thing when you are trying to maim your opponent, but in the academy we must be respectful to our instructors and training partners. They are who make you better, so we must show the proper respect even through our littlest of actions.

Wash your gi! Nobody wants to roll with someone who has a stinky gi. If you only have one gi, it might be smart to invest in another. Or get some Febreeze, that can definitely help inbetween washes if your gi isn’t that bad.

Trim your talons! In BJJ you are constantly grip fighting, if your fingernails are too long, they can scratch your opponent, or cause them to break which can be painful. Same with toenails. Nobody likes to get clawed.

Encourage one another! After every roll, shake hands, bump fists, or say thank you. Don’t celebrate if you get the tap. Gym taps don’t count, and you could be discouraging your teammate even if you didn’t mean to. We are here to build each other up.

Listen! When the instructor is talking, it is best to listen. Don’t talk or interrupt. If you have a question, wait until after he or she has explained the technique. By talking while the instructor is talking, you could be distracting other students as well.

Respect the time! During drill time or roll time, respect the break time. If you have a one minute break, that is plenty of time to grab a sip of water and return to the mats, don’t make your partner wait on you because you were on your phone. (We understand if you have emergencies or something of that nature) When you’re drilling, make use of all the time. Make sure you are getting as many reps in as you can, as well as, making sure you are getting all the steps of the technique.

These are just a few rules of BJJ etiquette.