“The Voice and The Choice”

-The Voice and The Choice-

He’s 11, only a pre-teen. He sits in his room holding his baseball glove pondering. Thinking. Deciding. He’d played since tee ball and had so many fond memories. Wins, losses, successes, and of course great friends. All tucked away neatly in the recesses of his mind. But as he looks at that group of knitted leather, somethings different. Wrong. It’s not as fun as it once was. It’s hard. Tough. “Impossible” The Voice tells him. He begins to wonder if it’s even worth the trouble to continue. “No” The Voice cries. And so he comes to The Choice. Fight on or Move on. So the boy drops the glove on the floor, and moves on……

He’s 17. A teenager. A high school student with everything going his way. He’s a football player now. Played since Junior High. He loves football with a passion. He sits in the locker room holding his helmet, thinking of those good times. Good teams, bad teams, getting to the State Championship just last year and losing to a good opponent. But as he grips that round molded hard plastic, somethings different, wrong. It’s not as fun as it once was. It’s tough. Hard. “Impossible” The Voice tells him. He wonders, again, if its all even worth his time. His “hard earned” time and energy. “No” The Voice cries. And once again, he comes to The Choice. Fight or move on. So that teenager hangs up his maroon and white helmet, and moves on……

He’s 22, an adult. A college graduate. And now a bowler. Who’d a thought. He loves it. knows it backwards and forwards. Even does some coaching. He’s sitting in his car, looking at his bowling balls. The memories come flooding back. State Championships. League Victories. Hard fought tournaments. All lovely and divine. But as he holds that round mass of Resin, something feels different. Wrong. “Impossible” The Voice says. Once again, he wonders if it’s worth his time to keep going. “No” The Voice cries. “It’s not.” As he thinks about all those amazing memories, he puts the ball in the bag, zips it up, and moves on………

He’s 24 now. He’s found a new hobby. A new avenue to satisfy his need for competition. A way to get in shape. And a place with amazing friends. Family. He hits the mats running, rolling, full speed. Immerses himself in every aspect of it. He even travels, only to watch. To support. He loves it. He has success. Wins, he can’t believe it. He has the most amazing family here. Always supportive. Always pushing. Always caring. But one night after a tough session. An old enemy shows up. He knows who it is. He’s use to him. “It’s not worth it” The Voice says. “You’ve had your fun, you’re fine now.” It’s brave now. Speaking stronger and louder than ever. It has no fear. Why should it. He’s been right before, why not now. So the man looks down at his cotton belt. Thinking. Wondering. Is it even worth it. “NO!!” The Voice screams. And again, like so many times, the man comes to The Choice. Fight or move on……..

He Chooses to Fight!!!!!!

By: Johnny Gilliland


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