NLKB: Little Rock & Orange Beach

This past weekend, April 18, we had two teams of No Limit competing in two different regions for two different types of BJJ tournaments.

Coach Jessica Dobbs, of Starkville, and Coach Hazel Capalad, of NLKB CAFB, competed at the American Grappling Federation’s Blue/Purple Qualifier Submission Only in Little Rock, AR. Hazel won her first match by armbar, then lost her other two matches in some hard fought battles. Jessica won her first match by wristlock, then lost her final match; however, she still secured a spot in the Invitational, May 16th, in Dallas, TX.



Coach Jae McIntosh and students Sawyer Shows and Johnny Gilliland competed in Orange Beach, AL for the South U.S.A. Grappling Association’s Alabama State BJJ Championships. All medaled in both gi and nogi.


Congratulations to everyone!

Do not forget our seminar with Jarrett Becks will be happening this weekend, Saturday, April 25, 2015, starting at 10AM for only $20, in Starkville, MS!!


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