Spotlight Student for April: Billy Trey Stricklin

We are proud to announce Billy Stricklin as Student of the Month. He is a wonderful representative of No Limit Killer Bees. His dedication can be seen in his family, in his work life, military life, and on the mats. Congratulations, Billy!


We at No Limit have decided to pick a student in our gym that works hard on and off of the mat. We had the instructors nominate a person who they thought were the best candidates for the spot. We had a lot of names mentioned, which is awesome, and it was tough to make the final decision. We finally made the decision to choose Billy Stricklin from our Starkville location.

When I asked for nominees, Jae McIntosh immediately sent in the nomination for Billy. He said that Billy was one of his most dedicated students and comes in to help with classes. I sent Billy a few questions and sort of did a “long distance” interview.

1) What is your full name? Billy Thomas Stricklin III (Trey)

2) What is your age? 27

3) What location do you train? Starkville

4) How long have you trained? Going on 3…

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