Interview: Jae McIntosh

Jae McIntosh is the owner and head instructor of No Limit Killer Bees in Starkville, MS. We took a minute to get to know him and NLKB-Starkville a little bit better, here is what he had to say.

It's only the beginning too, I have


Name: Jae Peirce McIntosh
Age: 25
Occupation: Owner/Head Instructor Of No Limit Jiu Jitsu Starkville
Length of Training/List of Experience: 20 years martial arts experience, TKD and Isshinryu Black Belt, wrestling along with experience in American Kickboxing. I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (purple belt) and Muay Thai for 7 years.

When did you get started in martial arts? I first started in martial arts when I was 5 years old
What got you started in martial arts? What got me started, I see as two parts of my life. Before BJJ and now. I first started with Ishhinryu at age 5. I was roaming around the DSU recreation facility while my dad was playing racquet ball. I stumbled upon a class and was hooked. Years later after training various things, I was playing football at MSU and stumbled on the MSU BJJ club. After getting choked out by a 140lb guy, I was hooked for life. I haven’t looked back since.
How long have you been training BJJ, specifically? I started BJJ back in 2008 Under David Close
How and why did you start up No Limit/Killer Bees in Starkville, MS? What started as the MSU BJJ club, grew and grew. Initially, we had studio conflicts on campus before me acting as president decided to move the club off campus to a local TKD gym. Conflicts came about where he didn’t like how intriguing BJJ was to his students so we parted way. One week after graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, I invested what money I had into what’s now No Limit.
How has your initial goal from when you started No Limit changed to what it is now? My initial goal of No Limit was ideally, to have a place for myself and a few others to train. Over time, it evolved from almost a meathead BJJ/MMA crew to now, a family friendly academy with classes for everyone. It’s only the beginning too, I have great things in the works for No Limit Starkville.
What was your plan before BJJ?  Initially, I wanted to be a physical therapist as a freshman in college. Once I found BJJ, slowly my interests shifted.
Why do you compete and fight? I compete and fight for two reasons: I believe in my craft, and because I love to compete.
You are the owner and head instructor in Starkville, who is your instructor? My Professor is Jarrett Becks. He is a first degree black belt under Israel Gomes
How do you stay motivated with your own limited training time since you teach majority of the classes? I’d be lying if I said I was 100% perfectly self motivated. However, a lot of my motivation does come myself while the rest comes from my students. If my students have goals and expectations and I were to let them slack off from achieving them, then I wouldn’t be a very good teacher. With that said, I wouldn’t be very fair if I set my own and allowed myself to fall short either.
What are your future plans for yourself as a competitor & instructor? As an instructor, I’d really like to continue to see my students grow and excel, whether it be competitively or for other personally reasons. Growth in classes is always wonderfu;l however, as an instructor, I aim to provide better classes. On the competitive side, I look to compete pretty regularly this year, with hopes to win Worlds, as well as, compete in Abu Dhabi trials and possibly the ADCC. No reason to sell myself short in the world of competitive BJJ.
What would you tell someone wanting to start martial arts? Just do it. There is never a perfect time to start. You’re going to busy, you just got to make time.

Anything else you’d like to mention about your journey, No Limit, training partners, etc. My journey hasn’t been easy, everything else I’ve done previously has felt like a walk in the park compared to BJJ. What I’d really like my students to know, as well as any beginner, is to realize that everyone who is a higher rank started off as white belts. They have struggled before and most likely still do struggle. So talk to them and ask questions.
Shout outs to any sponsors. I’d like to thank my academy sponsors, U.S. Lawns of Starkville, Re/Max, as well as, Lisa Leach Photography, for all that they do for the gym. And of course my personal sponsors, Ok! Kimonos with sweetest gear out there. And JitsGrips for supplying me with tools to sharpen my tools.

No Limit Killer Bees of Starkville, MS is an affiliate of No Limit Killer Bees HQ of Madison, MS.  NLKB Starkville offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes. They offer specialty classes: kids’ bully prevention/BJJ classes and ladies’ only BJJ classes; as well as, regular BJJ classes and Muay Thai Kickboxing classes.
For more information on No Limit Killer Bees of Starkville, contact Jae McIntosh at 662-719-7190.


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